janicephoto_thumbJanice McLean – Owner/Head Coach

Coach Janice, affectionately known as “JJ”, fell in love with CrossFit from the moment she was introduced, and has been a coaching for 3 years. Janice’s belief that CrossFit can and should be accessible regardless of fitness level (“We have mods for mods” is her motto) helps her to ensure every client’s success.

Before CrossFit, she attended a performing arts high school for dance, competed on the University of Maryland’s Dance Team, and swam competitively through high school and college.

In addition to coaching, she loves judging and refereeing. She’s worked many competition series, including the CrossFit Open and SuperFit. Janice is the Head Referee for the Capital Affiliate League, a referee for the National Pro Grid League (NPGL), and the Director/Chief Referee of the Mid Atlantic Grid League (MAGL).

She has CrossFit L1, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Defense, CPR/AED certifications.

Coach Casey @ American Ninja Warrior 2017 Daytona

Casey Passafaro – Owner/Head Ninja Coach

American Ninja Warrior – Season 8 competitor (Atlanta, 2016), Season 9 competitor (Daytona, 2017).

Casey played softball, basketball, and volleyball through high school which helped to foster a love of competing. She recommitted to a life of fitness after her second son was born. In 2012 she joined a CrossFit gym and has never looked back.

Her love of body weight movements inspired her to train for Ninja Warrior competitions. Casey outfitted her living room, stairwell, and garage with equipment to train on. Casey’s vision is the driving force behind Northern Virginia Ninja. With the help of very talented contractors her vision has become reality here at Nothern Virginia Ninja.

Casey has competed at many local competitions, including three seasons of Capital Affiliate League, several SuperFits, the MAAC, Halloween Havoc, Flex on the Mall, and Ultimate Backyard Warrior. Most recently, Casey traveled to Atlanta and competed on American Ninja Warrior 8.

When Casey is not training for Ninja Warrior, or CrossFit, she works full-time as a Nurse Practitioner at an oncology clinic.

Casey is CrossFit Level 1 certified, CPR/AED certified, and a board certified Nurse Practitioner.

Anne Hruskoci – CrossFit Coach & Operations Manager

After an 80 pound weight loss, Anne became passionate about helping others live a healthier lifestyle! After spending some time as a personal trainer and small group strength class coach, Anne gave CrossFit a shot. Finding CrossFit helped her remember that the weight on the scale is not that important at the end of the day. She wants all her athletes to know that feeling strong, happy, and healthy should be a top priority!  She has coached athletes from the beginning stages of strength and mobility development as well as advanced athlete strength training.  She is passionate about movement and can be found constantly reminding her athletes that no one body moves the same way! We are all unique! In addition to fitness, Anne’s passions also lie in music. Her undergraduate degree is in opera from The New England Conservatory of Music!

Anne holds CrossFit Level 1 certification, ACE certified personal trainer, CPR/AED certified.

Nick Katsarelis – CrossFit Coach

Nick, commonly known as the gymnastics guru, is a law enforcement officer by day, and CrossFit L-1 trainer by night.  He enjoys coaching athletes in large group settings and pushing them to their full potential.  He is especially great at helping athletes develop the more advanced gymnastics skills.  It is common to see him coaching an athlete to their first kipping pull-up, hand stand push up, and bar/ring muscle ups! 

Nick enjoys competing in local CrossFit competitions and has recently began competing in USAW sanctioned Olympic lifting meets.  

Nick has CrossFit Level 1 certification and CPR/AED certified.

Trey Davis – CrossFit Coach & Mobility Expert

Trey has a combined thirteen years of experience in Personal Training, Massage Therapy and Mobility Consulting.

His strengths in coaching include modifying and scaling movements to the skill level of the athlete.  His goal is to maximizes safety and efficiency in every workout.

His strength in Massage and Mobility allows him to see very specific restrictions holding an athlete back from being able to perform a movement correctly. You’ll focus a chunk of time during your hour workout being coached through self mobilization techniques.

Outside of the gym, he enjoys hiking with his dog Kuma, juicing and holistic nutrition, mud run enthusiast, and writing.

Certifications include CrossFit Level 1 trainer, Movement & Mobility Certified, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Prenatal Massage Therapy, Certified Aromatherapist, Thai Massage Level 1 & 2, Certified Active Release Technique and Myofascia Release.


Verne Dickerson – CrossFit & Ninja Coach, Personal Trainer

Verne has been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years.  He started CrossFit in 2007.  He holds his Level 1 CrossFit certification along with several personal training certificates.  Verne competes locally along the east coast at a variety of different events, including SuperFit and Capital Affiliate League.

He has a passion for learning and sharing his knowledge to develop athletes and cultivates a motivating and positive environment unlike anybody else.  You will hear his signature “ROARRRR!” of encouragement anytime he is at the box.  Verne also coaches our CrossFit Fundamentals class, as he is well versed and enjoys training individuals of all experience levels.

In addition to CrossFit, Coach Verne includes “ninja” style training into his weekly routine.  He loves dominating the warped wall and instructing other ninjas how to do so as well!  He instructs private ninja training, group sessions, and ninja 101 classes for youth and adults.

Verne has a CrossFit Level 1, Certified PT, and CPR/AED and First Aid certifications.

eliEli Miernik – Ninja Coach

American Ninja Warrior Competitor – season 4 (2012) and season 9 (Daytona, 2017)

Elijah, or “Eli,” is one of the most diverse and experienced coaches in the Northern Virginia area. For the past 22 years, he has coached gymnastics, parkour, acro, cheer, and rock climbing. He founded his own non-competitive parkour group which allowed athletes who shared his love of movement, but desired a less strict environment than competitive gymnastics, to come together and embrace their passion.

When not training or coaching, Eli works in IT at Telos Corporation. He is also an accomplished swing and ballroom dancer, artist, photographer, and an avid movie collector.

jrphotoJR Fuller – Ninja Coach

American Ninja Warrior – Season 8 competitor (Atlanta, 2016).

After a successful career in brokerage, JR decided to switch gears and enlist in the United States Marine Corp at age 31.

One day he was watching American Ninja Warrior and became inspired to train for the show. Since then he has completely changed his lifestyle and now competes with the National Ninja League. He is often on the road training at Ninja facilities around the country with other ninjas.

JR is married and the father of two young kids. He is super excited to share the world of Ninja with Northern Virginia!

Aaron Dugas – Ninja Coach

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