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July 22nd Park Workout

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Join Coach Deb on Saturday July 22nd 9 AM for a Park WOD!

This will be a free workout event for the community! Bring friends, family, and lots of water!


*regular open gym and 9 AM class that Saturday are cancelled 7/22

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July Newsletter Recap!

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Happy July, CrossFit Loudoun Fam!

Being that it is now part way through summer and it is getting hot in here, let’s talk hydration. I know you hear your coaches telling you to drink water (you already drank the CrossFit kool-aid. What more do you have to lose)! The general formula for MINIMUM daily hydration is as follows: ½ body weight in ounces.  For every hour of exercise, you should add another 20 ounces of water to that daily intake. I know that is a lot of water, but I promise you won’t drown. Water helps us regulate our body temperature year round (but especially during these hot summer months,) as well as lubricates our joints. Our bodies can’t perform at their full potential if we are not probably hydrating!

Big congrats to all our teams who represented at competitions last month: Flex on the Mall and Team SuperFit Lorton! Way to give it your all and spend a few awesome days with the community.
Get to know your gym Fam: Jennifer Bench

What do you like to do in your free time? (besides CrossFit of course!)

I’m a very social person!I love spending time with my family and friends. Whether it’s going around town to activities and events, or hosting meals at my home.


What do you do for a living?
I’m a former educator (3rd grade teacher for 10 years), now a full time stay at home Mom, a position I’m thankful to be able to do.


What made you decide to try CrossFit? And why did you pick CrossFit Loudoun?
Long story…
I started CF 5 years ago when my family was living in Australia. One of the coaches was in her 50’s yet, she had abs, moved heavy weights and was a beast. I wanted to be able to do those things too, and even though I was late to the game, I was finally ready to start.  CF was hard for me when I started. I could barely hold a barbell, I felt like the warm ups were the workout, and I was the last to finish for a really long time. But, the gym fam was supportive, the coaches were encouraging and I learned a lot of technique. I’ve been going 3-6 times a week for the last five years to a few different gyms as we’ve moved around and things DID change. Finally, about a year ago in July 2016, I found CF Loudoun after moving to the Ashburn area. I took a 9:30 class and felt right at home with the crew and have been here ever since. The family style dynamic at this gym, makes it special and I can’t imagine training with anyone else.


What is your favorite movement?
I love the lifting in general, but my favorite is the snatch.


What is your least favorite movement?
Handstand PU are the worst because I HATE being upside down.


What is your biggest fitness accomplishment to date?
This year, I started participating in Competitions. I have always been scared and intimidated of them in general and figured that I would never do one due to the stress I felt inside of me at just the thought of them (I literally felt like I was having panic attacks lol), so I figured I wasn’t the competitive type. With the help of Coach JJ and the gym fam, I found a new confidence inside of me that pushed through all of those scary voices, and now I’m planning to do future comps. I’ve loved how much fun I’ve had with my fellow competitors. It’s also added a new dimension to my training that inspires me to stay consistent, and I love the t-shirts 😉


What is one goal you are currently working towards?
I am working on my endurance for higher weight barbell cycling in metcons. I’m doing some hypertrophy strength work on the side as well as scaling my wods to build strength when barbells are in them.


What is your favorite post workout snack?
I wish I could say Nachos, but I stick to my nutrition goals post workout by bringing my meal prep fave of sautéed fish/rice and veggies to the gym, and I eat it about 30min after the workout.


Name one thing we would be surprised to learn about you.
It’s been a while, but before I got married, I used to ride a little red Kawasaki Ninja 500R sportbike when I was still living out in California (LA-where I grew up). It was red, and I used to coordinate all of my clothes with it back then, now I’m all into gym clothes.
July 22nd (NO OPEN GYM) 9 AM park workout at Algonkian Park with Coach Deb
Team SuperFit DC- 9/30 2 person team comp
ODIN CrossFit’s Battle of the Vikings- 10/14 2 person team comp
We’ll miss you, Gena and David!
We are sad to announce that founding members, Gena and David Wiggins, are moving to Uruguay July 2nd. They joined CFL right when we opened Feb. 15, 2016, and have been a huge part of our gym family. They held down 5 AM zombie squad and often set the pace with their scores. Their daughters also participated in our Ninja Warrior Classes. The gains and progress they have made have been inspiring. We are so proud of their growth as athletes. Gena has participated in many local competitions and always represents CFL with pride and great movement! The Wiggins embody the true meaning of what it is to be a CrossFitter and part of a communtiy. We love them, and wish them the best. You will always be our family, Gena and David!

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American Ninja Warrior Season 9 – Coach Casey

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Casey, co-owner and head ninja coach, went down to film for NBC’s American Ninja Warrior season 9!  Daytona was full of excitement with new courses and a mix of new and veteran ninjas!  

Follow her training and competition life @the_unicornninja on Instagram. 

ANW season 9 airs this June on NBC. 

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Loudoun Lift Off! 10/02/2016 (10am-1pm)

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Event:  Max Snatch followed by Max Clean & Jerk
Date:  10/02/2016
Location:  21531 Blackwood Court 110, Sterling, VA 22066  (Home of CrossFit Loudoun / NoVa Ninja / Burnt Boat Barbell Club)
Time:  10am-1pm
Cost:  Free
AgeRange:  All Ages
Do I need to sign up?  No, just show up and register!
Event Structure:

A max snatch and clean and jerk event! Celebrating every individual and their pursuit of fitness, come out and showcase your lifts! This community event will bring together Crossfit Loudoun, Burnt Boat Barbell, and area businesses and affiliates with a Lift Off, vendors, prize giveaways, and block party after the show.

All Athletes (regardless of affiliate or home gym) will be given 3 chances to establish a 1RM in each lift, with separate male/female bars increasing in weight as the event goes on. PLUS, a huge spectator presence to cheer everyone on!

Additionally, we’ll be previewing the newly launched Burnt Boat Barbell Club and our lifters’ opening lifts for their upcoming USAW meet.

So, invite a friend. Participate yourself or just spectate. Join the event page to follow updates and announcements and we look forward to celebrating YOUR achievements on October 2nd.


Map – Location